Will the consultation labs be covered by insurance?

Please contact your insurance company as coverage is based on your individual plan.

What does my insurance cover?

All costs associated with your medical services including medications, labs, office visits and covered procedures are billed to your insurance company. Coverage is based on your individual plan. Please contact your insurance company for coverage details.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we are in network with most major insurance companies including Medicare.

Does my insurance cover the annual membership fees?

No, the membership fees are an out of pocket expense.

Does my insurance cover the consultation fee?

No, the consultation fee is an out of pocket expense.


Do you accept HSA/FSA membership service payments?

Yes. Your HSA/FSA will cover membership service payments.

What medications are included in the cost of my membership fee?

Medications prescribed are based on your level of care and individual needs. See the Membership page on our website for more details.

How long is my membership fee good for?

1 year. This fee is renewed annually.

Are medications included in the cost of the membership fees?


Does the Consultation fee of $495 get applied towards the cost of the annual membership fees for the first year?


Why am I paying an annual membership fee?

The annual membership fee is for the doctor’s management of your care. This fee covers what your individual insurance does not cover. You will get an annual comprehensive physical exam and he will follow you throughout the year with scheduled labs and reviews.


How do I get started with Testosteronology®

Start off with a blood test and general in-depth consultation. You will receive an hour with the doctor to talk about everything going on with your body and how you would fit with the services.

Do I need to go for lab work?

Yes, the Doctor needs current laboratory results in order to properly evaluate you.

Do I need a physical exam in order to receive a prescription medication?

A comprehensive physical exam is required prior to prescribing medication. You may come to either of our offices, or on a case-by-case basis we may offer a telemedicine option and/or a physical performed by a 3rd party physician near you.

When do I get my prescription?

Once you've completed your history and physical exam with Dr. Thomas O'Connor.


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I've been on Testosterone therapy for 2 years and have gone through 3 Doctors all of which failed me either by over supplementation of vitamin D to the point I developed hypercalcemia or over phlebotomizing causing me to become anemic. I was just about to give up and deal with my very low testosterone when I came across a youtube video of Dr. O’Connor.