America On Steroids: A Time to Heal is now on Amazon and available internationally! Also available on Kindle.

Here are the details:

In addition to Amazon US and Amazon UK, the book is also available through Amazon in France, Germany, Italy, Spain. These Amazon distributors also ship to Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, to name a few countries. Check with the Amazon closest to you for the best shipping rates. (Buyers in Belgium would buy through Amazon FR; Netherlands, in Amazon Germany; Portugal, in Amazon Spain; Turkey, in amazon Italy, etc.)


For other countries, including Australia, Japan, China and India, go to your local bookstore e.g., Barnes and Noble, and ask the store to order the book, which the store could do through IngramSpark, the foreign distributor who works with Amazon. This may be a better cost situation.

And of course, the Kindle version is available anywhere!


If you enjoy the book, we'd love a review on Amazon!


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